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I am Jana, the Content Director of The Faith Collective. I help compile quotes, scriptures and thoughts to contribute to the stories we share.  I grew up in Utah where I met my husband and then moved to southern CA where we raised our children. I am the mother of 4 amazing ladies that I can’t imagine living without, and Nana to 6 of the most darling grandkids on the planet that are so fun to spoil.  Although I miss the 4 seasons and family in Utah, it has been a wonderful life living in sunny California and if I had to trade the mountains, the beach is a great substitute. I love outdoor activities, hiking, water and snow skiing, paddle boarding, boating and long walks on the beach:)  I love music, reading, baking, chocolate chip cookies and most of all traveling with my adoring husband. I love this stage of life but somehow thought that life in my 50’s, would slow down…boy was I wrong. Life is as busy as it ever was, just a different kind of busy. I feel very privileged to be a part of this great quest to share stories of faith.  I’m honored that these wonderful ladies have trusted me to share my input. I love my Savior and trust in his redeeming love for me. And I have Faith!