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A high school friend called me Mr. Bean, and though I took it as a great term of endearment as it was clearly intended to be, I usually prefer to be addressed as Nat or Natalie. I am the Director of Operations here at The Faith Collective. My better half and I live in Oregon with our two hooligans who are desperately trying their best to teach us what this hot mess of a life is all about. Our fondness for them could not be greater. My loves are chatting, recreational dancing, personality tests, peanut butter m&m’s, and striving to continually improve myself. My faith in God is ever changing. It is often tested by the ebbs and flows of daily life as a mom, sister, friend and daughter of God, but one thing stands constant — God knows me by name and loves me, as is the case with all His children. The raconteur inside me is crazy-town excited about this project and the incredible women we have had the honor of meeting and will meet. Thank you for sharing a portion of your faithful life with me, with us, with The Faith Collective.