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May we tell our stories. The ones of triumph, of heartache, and of all the imperfections. The stories of miracles and of the ordinary. The stories that proclaim there is a God and that we are in fact His children.

They are the moments that define us.

Together may we glorify God and unite in Faith as one grand Collective unto Him.


Hi, I'm Kati and I am the founder of The Faith Collective.

I am a wife, mother, and compulsive creator. I live under the rule of a trio of tyrannical toddlers and spend most my days trying to keep the peace and find matching socks as we run out the door.  I hate laundry. I love my family. In college I graduated with a BFA in photography and am a lover of all things storytelling. I am inspired by the amazing women around me that overcome the insurmountable and the everyday, each living their own miracles. I want to share their stories and the stories of many more – so we can all be inspired by and united in the everyday faith that carries us through this thing called life. Thank you for being part of The Faith Collective.


Hey, I'm Natalie. I'm the Director of Operations here at The Faith Collective

A high school friend called me Mr. Bean, and though I took it as a great term of endearment as it was clearly intended to be, I usually prefer to be addressed as Nat or Natalie. I am the Director of Operations here at The Faith Collective. My better half and I live in Oregon with our two hooligans who are desperately trying their best to teach us what this hot mess of a life is all about. Our fondness for them could not be greater. My loves are chatting, recreational dancing, personality tests, peanut butter m&m’s, and striving to continually improve myself. My faith in God is ever changing. It is often tested by the ebbs and flows of daily life as a mom, sister, friend and daughter of God, but one thing stands constant — God knows me by name and loves me, as is the case with all His children. The raconteur inside me is crazy-town excited about this project and the incredible women we have had the honor of meeting and will meet. Thank you for sharing a portion of your faithful life with me, with us, with The Faith Collective.


Hi! I am Amanda Smith, the Director of Design and Event Coordinator for The Faith Collective.

Hi! I am Amanda Smith, the Director of Design and Event Coordinator for The Faith Collective. I live in San Francisco, CA with my husband and wildly cute 1.5 year old. When I’m not chasing my babe around, I am working from home as a freelance interior designer. I love chocolate orange treats, quirky movies, and all clothes comfortable. Once going through childbirth, it became abundantly clear to me that women run the world. I love this space for creating an opportunity for us to celebrate women — strong and faithful. I have faith in Jesus Christ as my Savior, Advocate and Brother and I can’t wait to learn more about faith from your stories.


Hi! My name is Lizzie Sigler and I am the Social Media Director of The Faith Collective

Hi! My name is Lizzie Sigler and I am the Social Media Director of The Faith Collective. I am a passionate and love driven wife, sister, daughter, and friend. My adorable, dimple faced husband and I live in Provo, Utah. We are currently trying to get through the day to day of school while dreaming about our favorite hobby together, traveling! I’m super good at people watching, so I decided to get a degree in it. I love to eat, swim, and snuggle up to a good Hill Duff or Amanda Bynes throwback! I recently discovered that my favorite color is Periwinkle, which was somewhat of an identity crisis because yellow has always been my favorite. I love to love…. EVERYTHING!  Who I am is often compared to the scene in Tangled when Rapunzel has first left her tower and is clearly conflicted, yelling the phrases, “THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!…………….I AM A DESPICABLE HUMAN BEING!”, within 30 seconds of each other. I am lead by my big heart and feel way too many emotions in extreme amounts. Though I often complain about caring too much and often say, “it’s exhausting being me”, I am eternally grateful for the big heart that God gave me because it has allowed me to have even a glimpse of what He feels for His children. God loves us and He wants us to be happy. I believe that through faith in Jesus Christ and God’s plan we can be happy, healed, and helped in anyway we specifically need. I am excited to laugh and cry along side all of you in this incredible journey of storytelling.  We are The Faith Collective.


Hello there! My name is Haley Hilton and I am the Editor and Chief of The Faith Collective

Hello there! My name is Haley Hilton and I am the Editor and Chief of The Faith Collective. I’m also a very short (5’2’’) 23-year-old woman living my dream as an arts journalist for DanceMedia, LLC in New York City. I studied journalism at Brigham Young University and am the proud aunt of six little rascal babies. I’m a dancer, horse lover, chocolate enthusiast and nap queen. I have a testimony of my Father in Heaven and Savior Jesus Christ, and I’m excited to be inspired by the women who share what they believe on this platform. Let’s get ready to rumble ladies and gents!


I am Jana, the Content Director of The Faith Collective.

I am Jana, the Content Director of The Faith Collective. I help compile quotes, scriptures and thoughts to contribute to the stories we share.  I grew up in Utah where I met my husband and then moved to southern CA where we raised our children. I am the mother of 4 amazing ladies that I can’t imagine living without, and Nana to 6 of the most darling grandkids on the planet that are so fun to spoil.  Although I miss the 4 seasons and family in Utah, it has been a wonderful life living in sunny California and if I had to trade the mountains, the beach is a great substitute. I love outdoor activities, hiking, water and snow skiing, paddle boarding, boating and long walks on the beach:)  I love music, reading, baking, chocolate chip cookies and most of all traveling with my adoring husband. I love this stage of life but somehow thought that life in my 50’s, would slow down…boy was I wrong. Life is as busy as it ever was, just a different kind of busy. I feel very privileged to be a part of this great quest to share stories of faith.  I’m honored that these wonderful ladies have trusted me to share my input. I love my Savior and trust in his redeeming love for me. And I have Faith!