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The Candy Bar Lesson


By Carol Christensen


When Kimberly was about 12 or 13, she was attending the local Jr. High School .  She was very troubled and I couldn’t find out why. I had asked her what was wrong multiple times and she just shrugged her shoulders and denied that anything was the problem.  She left for school one morning and I went into the closet and fell on my knees, telling Heavenly Father that something was wrong with Kim (as we called her). I told Him that I’d tried to find out what was bothering her and I couldn’t.  The words came to me, “ask her about the candy bars.”

That was puzzling to me.

I had no idea what it meant. So, I told Kim, when she got home from school, about my prayer and the answer I received.  She became teary-eyed and said they were given some candy bars to sell for a fundraising project at school. She had eventually eaten them all, and when it came time to turn the money in, she saw that my husband, Roy, had left some money on the dresser.  So, she took it to pay for the candy bars. I said, “Oh Kim, we could have worked it out. You didn’t need to suffer as much as you did – you didn’t need to carry that burden as long as you have!”

She was so relieved.  And we were both so amazed at the direct answer the Lord gave me.  We both came to know how much He was there for us, on even the smallest of things.

I was always amazed how the Lord answered my prayers about the children.  It made me realize how much He loved them and how much He loves all His children.    

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